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Our Story

Good food from good sources from our Garden
Greg and Joanne turned five acres of farmland into what is now known as Woodhouse Farm Organics in Kairanga

First permanent crop – berries

In the process of gaining the Demeter certification (the certification given to approved organic farms using biodynamics) they started with their first permanent crop – berries. That was the beginning, and there was much to come.

Over the years, Greg and Joanne learned the art of organic farming, battling the weeds and bugs, to now be the proud owners of a farm that is producing raspberries, boysenberries and black currants. They also have a mixed orchard and a small vegetable block, with poultry and cattle free ranging on multi-species pastures.

The humble beginnings

It all started with five acres of land in the beautiful Manawatu, idly waiting for its higher calling in life. That came when Greg and Joanne bought that land and turned it into what is now known as Woodhouse Farm Organics in Kairanga.

Greg and Joanne have always had a keen interest in managing the land organically and the biodynamic process of holistic farming, a system of land management that was developed by Rudolf Steiner.
Wood House Farm Organics

Our Promise

We love organic food and we love being able to provide it as fresh as possible for our customers.

Joanne Turner

Our Philosophy

We follow a holistic approach from crop to table

Biodynamic Farming

Biodynamic farming builds on regular organic farm practices.  By considering the emotional and spiritual aspects of farming, we add another dimension to the work we do on our land and the produce we deliver to customers.

Garden Fresh

Fresh is best! This saying has stood the test of time and it’s what we strive for at Woodhouse Farm Organics.  Of course for those who need berries out of season, we also freeze some at their peak for continued enjoyment throughout the year.

Premium Quality

Once you’ve switched to eating higher quality, delicious biodynamic produce you’ll never want to go back.  It’s not just the flavour, it’s the feeling you get knowing that your food is GE free and grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilisers.

Wood House Farm Organics
– The Family

Greg and Joanne both grew up on farms and have a strong interest in farming and horticulture.  They first became interested in organic and biodynamic growing in the mid 1990s.  When they took over this property in 1998, they were determined to pursue their vision of a beautiful balanced farm environment.  The dream was to rebuild and regenerate their soils following the principle that healthy soil = healthy plants = healthy people and animals.  

They chose Demeter certification because it is the highest standard available.  Demeter farmers must also hold an organic certification to the BioGro standard. It’s organics plus!